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Who's sorry now?

Sometimes I can be a total ass and I’ll be the last one to admit it. I spoke with Mickey yesterday because I hated the way we left things flapping in the gusting winds and I wanted to express, in a more reasoned manner, why I felt like a total loser by the time she left.

“You’re so fucking touchy! Fine! I’m sorry!” she responded. “I had a good time. A great time. All right?”

With her kind words ringing in my ear, what could I do but forgive her. As I was watching 24 last night, my mind wandered, and I realized I can be hyper-sensitive and my anger does have a hair trigger. And lord knows I’m capable of saying cruel things myself. I hate it when I do, now especially, and I work hard at not being a “meanie” as Billy would say. My work leads me to scallywags and pottymouths, and it can rub off on me like the stink of a porn theater. But that’s no excuse and just because I scrap my way through a workday gives me no license to be a meanie.

So fine, Mickey, apology fucking accepted. Okay? But the next time you compare me to Norman Bates, I’ll kick your Latina ass right back to Norwalk.

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