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My writing lately has been about as graceful as a ballerina in boots. That's why I'm going to try this new, super efficient bullet point system that’s going around.

* Bob’s new vet, a kindly old country doctor, saw elevated enzyme levels in Bob’s liver panel. We’re changing his diet and weaning him off the Prednisone.

* Mickey is coming into town for a few days this weekend. I told her I’m going to cling to her in a really inappropriate manner. She told me to back the fuck off or she’ll get a restraining order.

* I just received my IRS bill for 2002. I turned white then red then back to white again. I hope the verb “garnishing” doesn’t enter my life.

* The bar was lowered yet again in television last night with Average Joe and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.

* I saw a slow crawling cockroach on the counter near the Coke machine during my daily stop into the 7-11. I’m working on convincing myself that it would be impossible for it to get into the Coke machine.

* Speaking of vermin, the park Bob and I go to is filled with rats about this big. It doesn’t seem to faze Bob but he is, you know, a lot more tolerant than me.

* I’m trying to figure out what the tattoo I’m getting for our 11th anniversary is going to look like. I know what I want it to say, I just can’t decide on the design, or the part of my body where it will rest.

See? Wasn’t that more fun that sludging your way through one of my usual posts?

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