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I really don't need to hear scary career news right now but that's exactly what happened. If only I had gotten a law degree or an MBA to fall back on instead of a useless BS in Pre-Med/Biololgy....but I wanted to be in show business and finding security in radio, film or TV is, at best, sweeping back the surf with a broom.

I went out to Rose Hills today and took Bob with me. We brought a whole bunch of flowers and balloons. I got a pumpkin and drew Billy's face on it with a Sharpie. We walked to his headstone and Bob laid right down and did not budge the whole time. I was over at Billy's bench, getting water, going back and forth to the car and he did not move an inch. That dog is way smarter than I am in many ways.

After I got done doing all the stuff I needded to do there, I laid down with Bob and hugged him real tight and closed my eyes and pretended that none of this was happening. Then I opened my eyes....

Group is tonight. Just in the nick of time.

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