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A moment in the time of never

“You are such a big dummy guy,” he giggled, looking over my shoulder while I was sitting at the computer. He had gotten off the couch, responding to my vocal grunts of frustration.

“Why am I a big dummy?” I was concentrating on filling out this stupid form for member services on Comcast so I could ask their customer service why we were paying over $20.00 more a month for the exact same service we had in Venice.

“Because! You put our old zip code,” Billy pointed at the screen and sure enough, he had discovered why I was having so much trouble logging onto their system.

“Oops. I am a big dummy,” and I corrected my mistake. “I hate these sites that just become some fucking cyber circular nightmare.”

“What. Ever.” Billy went back to the sofa and started to page through TiVo to find something to watch.

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