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A lost name dropper in a new city

Burgeoning friendships have never felt so welcome this weekend as I went to the movies for the first time in over three months. I drove into the wilds of Virginia, a place that had already proved to confound me the weekend prior, to meet at bigvacub’s place and dammit, the man should be working for Mapquest. His directions were concise and actually made sense unlike his online counterparts but that didn't stop me from getting lost anyway. Oh, no.

We'd planned to go see The Rundown but first he showed me one of the best buffalo chicken sandwiches I've had. I explained to him I didn't like to eat buffalo but he assured me the sandwich was actually chicken. Phew. We arrived at the theater, just in time for the Kill Bill trailer, and I settled in with popcorn and Diet Coke, a pause that definitely refreshed.

The film was super great and the Rock could very well see his first actor nod from the Academy. I dropped Matt off at his place and headed back into DC, determined not to get lost. Oh, well. Determination only gets you so far, I guess, because before I knew it, I was headed right back into Virginia in a giant, useless circle. Anyway, Matt is a great guy, really smart and a great sense of humor. While we were at lunch, though, he off-handedly said I was quite "the name-dropper." My immediate reaction was to go take a shower.

I hate the notion of being a name-dropper. I come from mid-western stock where any show of flash or achievement is met with a who-do-you-think-you-are-Mr. Big Shot? attitude and here I am, an actual name-dropper. He's right, too, and Matt didn't say it in any sort of finger wagging way. No. It was just a casual observation and my mind spun with guilt. I've spent so much time of my career/life dealing with celebrities that when I start talking about the job, it inevitably comes out, and I prattle on and on without a single thought of how it might sound.

Thankfully I've befriended another gifted On-Star substitute, fabulist. I called him immediately to talk me back home. He chided me for going into Virginia in the first place, him being a staunch Marylander. I suppose there's some rivalry between the two, aping the LA vs. SF stand off only maybe not quite as shrill. Joe is an amazing man who speaks like he writes, in rapid-fire poetic phrases and wonderfully obscure references and it makes me wish I had all the volumes of World Book on my lap while we speak. He's so handsome and too smart for his own good, plus he's an enormously talented soundscape artist.

I'm really lucky to have met two superstar guys in such a short period of time. I really am.

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