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Thank you

My one-year anniversary on Live Journal passed quietly a few days ago, taking even me by surprise. In that brief blink, I’ve found some friends whom I cherish and who have inspired me to depths of honesty I never knew possible. I sincerely thank all of you for tolerating my oft-times descent into fear, loathing and sadness. I hesitate to name names but there is one person, in particular, who’s had an enormous impact on my growth and my ability to function as a writer and more importantly, as a person.

I look forward to year two and while I continue to be gripped by Billy leaving, I know I have a place to go to talk about it. I’ll also carry on my silly prattle from my silly business, the dirty dish from my tawdry past – there’s an Oscar winner involved at some point - and I will continue to write about my Guyster, the man who changed my life, made me a better man and who loved me in ways I never thought possible.

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