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Lunch with the talent today was good. We are all going to Santa Barbara to do the demo on Sunday. I think it will go smoothly.

I had my new couch delivered today. It looks great but has an emotional kick back to it. It is in the same spot as the couch Billy died on. The first time I laid on it today, I was filled with questions that will never be answered. I won't get into it here but the new couch is, like many things lately, a mixed message.

Later today is therapy then dinner with the Boone Brothers. The Boones are two rednecks who produced a video called Brawlin' Broads where they had two white trash girls who hated one another bare-knuckle fist fight while topless. There are five bouts on the tape and has just been picked up by the company that distributes Backyard Wrestling. They are great guys, completely un-PC and some of my best friends. Looking forward to it.

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