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Pink eye

Woke up today and my eye was worse. I hope the antibiotics are kicking in and getting the infection out. How do you even get pink eye? I haven't had it since I was a kid.

I had my support group last night and once again, I find these people to be so courageous and supportive, and they guide me with their own wisdom and discovery. There's always kind of a hang over the next day from it because I not only walk in there with my own shit but I take on theirs as well. But it is well worth the experience and knowledge I receive.

The bizarre job I referenced before is not going ot happen. It was to produce a half-hour entertainment based show for Algerian TV in french. The French government just pulled the plug on their financing so no job exists. Just as well. I don't know french and could barely pick out Algeria on a map.

Tonight is Amazing Race, The Bachelor and West Wing all at the same time. A very busy night. Bob and me are gonna order pizza, and root for Jon Vito and his girlfriend, Christi (who is very close to a breakdown), and wishing our Oval Office was really headed by Jed Bartlett.

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