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Random Stuff

This weekend so far has been really good. On Friday night I was taken to dinner and to see X2 by Sean and Vinny. I had a great time getting to know them a little better. They are two very cool, smart guys and they're easy to hang with. I came home, caught up on some TV and ended up watching Wuthering Heights. I started to cry and think of myself as Heathcliff standing at the window searching for Kathy then the Klonopin kicked in so I will finish the movie later.

Saturday I wrote some stuff on here then wrote a bunch privately. I am also compiling a list of ideas that have been floating in my head for some reality series and I am getting them ready for pitching. Then I met Ricky/Tommy with Bill and Karen and we went to Chin Chin for dinner then to see Identity. Once home and cuddled with Bob, we watched Mr. Personality, two episodes of The It Factor and finally went to sleep to the strains of It Came From Beneath The Sea.

Today I am meeting a producer who wants to partner on a pitch idea so maybe that will go into my slate. Tonight I am seeing an old friend who is performing and I'm taking Sean and Vinny.

Now that Road Rules/Real World: The Battle Of The Sexes is nearing it's conclusion, my three favorite guilty TV pleasures are: Da Ali G Show, Extreme Makeover and Punk'd although Mr. Personailty could certainly join that list.

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