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I'm Back

I haven't posted on LJ since taken to task by a fellow LJer but I figure, fuck it, this is my journal and if you don't like what I am writing, scroll down.

That said, I just got back from a matinee of Punch Drunk Love which exceeded my already high expectations. It is a beautiful, strange love story and clocks in at 90 minutes. It's great. Adam Sandler is wonderful in it as is Mary Lynn Reyskujb (sp?).

Tomorrow, Bob (our dog) and I are going to the SPCA so Bob can be evaluated for service at children's hospitals and retirement homes. They are going to put him through a battery of behavioral tests to be certain he is compatible for the job. I have no doubt he will pass with flying colors as he is the best-mannered mammal I have ever met.

Billy registered Bob at a similar UCLA program last year but they deemed Bob too old for the job. I don't think the same ageism will be enforced at the SPCA. Billy was so bummed after going through the whole process and not being able to do it.

Tonight I am going out with Marc and Jeff to The Other Network, a show started by friends of mine that has become a hot thing to do in LA. I've been before and it's fun. They screen un-aired TV pilots after the creators introduce their projects.

Sunday is The Rules Of Attraction. One of my favorite books, now a film. I can't wait.

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