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I love rain. I love rain in LA. It's the way Raymond Chandler wrote LA and the way I always wanted it to be. I am so fucking tired of drought and the lack of weather in this fucking city. I grew up in Chicago and I NEED weather. So thank you for the rain today.

I woke up and immediately realized I was the only one in bed. That put me on a downward trajectory that I hope to recover from. I have group tonight so am looking forward to that.

Yesterday I put together 8 comedy segments and that is a fucking grind. A little bit of that shit goes a real long way. I put together a Kids in the Hall, Doug Stanhope (who is awesome), Dice, two Richard Pryors and a Henry Rollins. Is Rollins funny? I don't know but at least he doesn't tell "jokes."

I'm gong out to Rose Hills at lunch time. Flowers and balloons for Billy.

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