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An all LJ lunch...of the Robots

Marc, my friend of many years better know here as explosivo, and Jeff went to lunch today with Sean and Vinnie, both LJers. Marc is the one who introduced me to LJ and I cannot thank him enough. After a year of therapy and group counseling, being able to write here has proved the most effective relief I have found in the last fourteen months.

I have only met two other people from this community. One LJer no longer posts on here and the less said, the better. The other is Mark, prowler323, who is clever, smart, great looking and continues to threaten to play hearts some night with me and his buddies. I look forward to it because I haven't kicked anyone's ass in hearts for a long time.

I am always a little hesitant to meet someone who knows so much about me before we actually are face-to-face and since my posts skew toward emotionally naked, it's tricky. Those on my friends list tend to know more about me than friends I have known for years in odd, tangential ways. Yesterday's entry, as an example, was something I never told anyone about except Billy.

But Sean and Vinnie were so easy to be around, and Marc and Jeff already good friends of mine, it was a really fun lunch. We talked movies, music and TV. My Triple Crown of knowledge. I was even able to spoil the endings for some film and television Sean and Vinnie have yet to see.

It was great to meet new people with no agenda in play. And it's always great to see Marc who has known me more than half my life. I liked seeing Marc and Jeff together. And Vinnie, what's your LJ name? I couldn't remember looking through Sean's list.

Maybe next time I can lure the four of you down to the beach where art meets crime, and the coastal fog cuts down on the squinting.

Tonight promises a lot of Bob cuddling and TV.

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