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Better than yesterday, not as good as tomorrow

I woke up this morning with the warm irritating Santa Ana winds blowing the bedroom curtains into billows of white. Bob raised his head knowing it was that time and I walked him down our familiar path.

The two day fuckaroo I've been riding seems to have calmed down and taken a nap. I finally locked the talent for the first two shows which required puppetry not seen since Shari Lewis. Two down, thirty-eight to go.

The winds have blown all of the texture out of the sky leaving it a flat blue. Two enormous military helicopters flew by my office window today at eye level. I'm on the sixteenth floor. I followed them around the building to see them disappear over the hills into the San Fernando valley. The entire time, they stayed very low to the ground leaving a thwack-thwack-thwack hanging in the air.

Mickey is cooking dinner for me tonight so after the Bobwalk, we'll both go over and enjoy some spiteful company.

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