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Skippy With Nuts

Yesterday was bumper pool day with everyone running around trying to get their phones and computers to work as we all struggled to remember each other's names. The first day on the job and the first day of a new production collided into a fun circus without the calliope.

I'm working with Budd Friedman, the Mr. Peanut of comedy, as he strode around the office with his Klink monocle dangling for ready-use from his neck. I'm also working with Marc Price, best known as "Skippy" on Family Ties. He's a great guy with boundless energy. Just like you remember him as the hapless best friend of "Alex."

We had a run-through of the show which was a lot of fun and showed great potential. I have worked with the host, Jimmy Pardo, in the past and he has that favorite combo plate of bitter and funny.

Today attempted some semblance of routine but it came in fits and starts, a car with a bum fuel pump, and I will not be entirely happy until the entire day can become comfortably predictable.

Tonight has the promise of 24 and American Idol and Bob.

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