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Today and tomorrow

Today I spent in the new studios of the start-up radio network which overlooks the Hustler store. Tonight I had dinner with Michael, a friend from Germany who has moved to Santa Barbara. There is a long and now tortured story with Michael and me but I don't have the emotional wherewithal to tell it now. I don't have the energy to dig that deep. Not now. But dinner was good and we maintained civility.

I just got a call from my old boss and radio mentor. He is in town from NYC and is taking me to lunch tomorrow at Mark Harris' house in Bel Air which he inherited from Martha Raye. For those who don't know who Mark is, he is a regular guest on Howard Stern and makes Richard Simmons look like Vin Diesel. My boss is bringing me for protection, I assume, although I plan to offer none nor am I playing gay translator. Or worse yet, he has designs for me to be Mark's producer. Um, no. Mark announced the other day on Stern that he was going to do a radio show for Sirius so I guess that wasn't just the usual Mark Harris bullshit. Then I am having dinner with Scott who has his friend Paul in from Toronto. They want to go out to the bars afterward but I will most likely be all gayed out by then and will retreat home to the safety of Bob.

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