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Watching "Oz" was always an unusual TV experience for me. The writing was bloated with that annoying Greek chorus in a wheelchair spewing platitudes. I patiently waded through all of that to come to the weekly part of someone getting thrown in the hole. The hole was all about penis and butt and degradation and suddenly, the last half hour I spent watching it didn't seem so wasted. This season, however, there must have been some committee decision to take out all of the fun from "the hole" scenes.

Last night I caught up with the final two episodes and true to its bad form, it ended with Oswald Penitentiary being closed because of a bio-terrorist attack. To quote wonderboynj who quoted Marc Shaiman, Oy gevalt! Wait a minute. Am I actually quoting Marc Shaiman?

Goodbye Keller and Jazz. I hope you both get other naked jobs soon.

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