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Floyd and Beverly Ledbetter - Billy's parents

Dear Floyd and Beverly,

I want to thank you for raising an amazing man. You nurtured him to believe life was filled with limitless possibility and wonder, and you gave him a purity of spirit I have never seen before. You taught him the meaning of giving rather than taking. You instilled in him a love of nature and animals. You brought forth a man who was smart, funny and humble. You were extraordinary parents and I am forever in your debt.

I didn't tattoo the name LEDBETTER across my back for nothing. I did it because I was proud to be part of your family, proud of having Billy as my mate for so many years, and I had always wished you were my real parents. Billy loved you both so much. While I miss him every second of every day, I know he is happily reunited with you. I will meet you both when I come home. And I will also be back with my Guyster.

Love, the son you didn't even know you had, Terry.

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