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They say....

When I used to represent comics, I always told them that if they didn't have people walking out of their shows, they weren't doing their job. Comedy needs to be provocative and elicit strong emotions from the audience - good or bad.

The first time I saw Sandra Bernhard, right after "The King Of Comedy" was released, she was playing the small room at the Comedy Store. Several agents were circling her, me being one of them. She came onstage to a room of about 60 people. She then proceeded to sing twenty minutes of Burt Bacharach a cappella without explanation. She ended her set by a short comment of how she would like to use a power sander to smooth down her nipples. She cleared the house. I knew instantly I had to work with her and our relationship blossomed from there.

But working on this musical, "Funny Business," that comment has come back to haunt me. Because we have played it at the Friars Club where the average age is 65, a walk-out is the norm. This takes on a special dimension when the patron is on a walker. It takes a good 15 minutes for them to storm out of the room.

This production has been so fraught with problems that I long for my days of nothingness. I hate to complain since I've whined on here for so long about not having a gig but really, this is too much for not enough. One more performance for backers at the Beverly Wilshire (a grand old hotel in Beverly Hills) on Tuesday night then three more backer readings sometime in the month of March.

Tick-tock. Waiting for my real job, whatever it is, to begin. This weekend I am putting together three proposals for reality shows with a 18-34 male target. I already have them locked in my brain. I just have to put them on paper. I need them for a Wednesday pitch meeting.

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