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I just got back from a road trip up north to Hearst's castle. Scott, Mickey and me piled into my car and drove the 4 plus hours up there. We ate at the Madonna Inn, which might lay claim to the tackiest place on earth, and then went on the tour.

We got the beginners tour which lasted an hour and was kind of the bums rush through the place but it was great to see it, especially if you're a Citizen Kane fan. Suddenly the film takes on an accuracy you might have only guessed.

On the way back, we stopped at Russell's house to spend the night. He lives in Santa Barbara but was up in SF for the weekend so we had the house to ourselves. We watched Monsters, Inc. then went to bed.

When I got home, Bob gave me a great welcome of kisses and groans. The best dog on the planet. I then drove out to Rose Hills to put some flowers on Billy's grave. I bought a wind chime up at Hearst's castle to hang on the tree that Billy's memorial bench sits under.

I had a great time, felt like I got out of town but then I came home. There wasn't a moment that went by throughout the weekend where I didn't wish Billy was by my side, physically, enjoying all of it with me. Spiritually I'm certain he was there. It's just I don't know how that part works.

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