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NYC and back

Our radio show during the Grammys was exhilerating. For five straight hours without a single break, we were on the air live. We were high atop Manhattan in the "War Games"-like studios of Sirius Satellite Radio. The beauty of satellite radio is there are no commercials. Actually doing a five hour broadcast without a break was a high-wire act and I believe we pulled it off. Ken Ober was the host and we also had a very sexy girl named Timbre in studio as well as the funny and bitter Charles Zucker. It was the four of us talking hour after hour. We had someone on the red carpet and someone inside Madison Square Garden as well as a bunch of callers. We would have to eat pizza or go pee in well choreographed shifts. It was just so much fun to be back on the air. I miss working in talk radio. It's an addictive rush.

I missed being on LJ. I missed reading the whimsical and soulsearching fabulist, the always inspiring drood, the compassionate and funny la_palomita, the sardonic explosivo who started me on this new addiction, the wry comedy of nancec, the generosity and familiarity of wonderboynj, the small town snapshots from ruralrob, the pregnant inkprincess, and the smart and provocative prowler323. I'm glad to see you guys again.

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