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The Bachlorette

I am truly strung out on reality TV shows. None are too base for me. My favorite is "Survivor" although "The Mole" stands as the smartest game. But the guiltiest pleasures come from "The Bachelor/ette" series. Last night was the finale where Trista had to make the Sophie's Choice between Charlie and Ryan. I had my money on Charlie but her heart lead her to Ryan. As they exchanged their televised vows of love, I laid in bed and cried like a little girl who just skinned her knee.

I am a sucker, and always have been, for cheap sentiment but this one struck close to home. Ryan is so Billy in his kindness, sincerity and poetry. He doesn't, however, have the same energy as Guyster. If you bred Ryan with a Jack Russell terrier, then you'd get Billy. I think Trista chose wisely. Good luck baby.

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