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Tip-toeing through last night... - Sing With Me If It's Just For Today... — LiveJournal
If I should fall behind, Guyster, wait for me.
Tip-toeing through last night...
It was supposed to be a quiet dinner with my closest friends. When Mickey and I arrived at the restaurant, the place was jammed. We were, we thought, the first to arrive so we amused ourselves by playing "Are You Hot?" with the passersby. Surprisingly, she is much better at it than me. Our eyes happened upon a group of gay men who've done two cycles too many and were in skin tight club clothes. The men were all late 30s to mid 40s and had that insular bubble around them of delusional hotness.

When our friends finally arrived, Mickey and I found ourselves united with this gaggle of gays. After an hour, the restaurant found a table big enough to accommodate our party. By this time, I was ready to nibble on the toothpicks that were offered at the door. Luckily I found seating by Mickey and Tommy's sister, Shelia, and we discussed politics and the impending war for most of the meal. The snippets I heard from the other end of the table ranged from "Oh he is so hot," to "Yeah I saw him at the gym today."

I hate the word "hot" when not referring to temperature. Just one of the irksome things I hear.

Mickey and I ended the meal by spelling out c-u-n-t in egg noodles on the tablecloth. It was a perfect ending to a not-so-perfect dinner.

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guysterrules From: guysterrules Date: February 17th, 2003 05:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
Coming from a man who knows how to turn a phrase better than just about anyone I've ever read, that is high praise indeed. Thanks : )
From: solemnrayne Date: February 17th, 2003 05:51 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm the same way about using the word "hot"-- I think I have used it like 3 times to refer to a physically appealing person...and everytime it just seems like it has to be forced out. And after I force it out I wonder if I just said what I thought I said.
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