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Man a little bit of comedy goes a long way. Anybody else out there who finds Eddie Murphy really NOT funny? Pryor-lite without the humanity. And who told Harry Shearer he was funny. His CD is so fucking lame. That's what I've been listening to today, trying to find the best parts to compile a segment. I have to admit I love Dice and I love Kinison. I put together some great clips from them. Next up is assembling an entire segment of Buddy Cole monologues. Now THAT is funny stuff.

If anyone is interested, you can hear the channel I program on Sirius Satellite Radio. Channel 160.

I also had a spike in membership of the Yahoo group that I created for Billy. That is really gratifying. He had so many friends and they all need a place to go and talk. That's why I created the group. Hopefully it will be as healing for his friends as it is for me.

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