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"He" is writing this

I have a friend, with whom I mercifully spend very little time, who speaks in the third-person. Thankfully he uses a gender appropriate pronoun. But when we are talking, he will say, "Oh, I think he will have the tuna melt," or "Oh, he had a wonderful time last night at the movies with his new boyfriend."

Last night we were speaking on the phone.

"He had a really terrible day today at work." OK, I am following along so far.

"He said that he was lazy and should try harder if he wanted anything kind of promotion." Oops. I'm lost.

"Who said you were lazy?"

"He did!" he emphasized this as if I were a moron.

My mind wandered to how those who work with this guy deal with it. Do they only refer to him by his given name so they do not get confused? Do they try to see how convoluted the conversation will get as sport?

Is it clinical dissociative personality disorder or just an affectation? I vote the latter. Whatever it is, it makes my head swirl trying to do the math of what the fuck he is talking about.

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