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Yesterday I accomplished a big cup of nothing. The fits and starts of this job search are wearing on whatever nerve I have left. Waiting is a primary component of this business we love calling show. If I were in a public rest room, I would write, "Here I sit broken hearted..." It's the same feeling.

Live Journal has proven to be the stickiest site since I discovered but has much more payback than trolling through people's pictures and voting on their looks. "Stickiness." A word left over from my dotcom days. Those were the days I spent talking to Silicone crybabies who wanted to reinvent the English language by adding "ize" to the end of every word.

No one was more adept at this skill than Jody Sherman, our drug-addled CEO who drove the company into bankruptcy. Beyond his gift of verbal cruelty, he would make up words on the spot and demand we knew what the hell he was talking about. When he did venture out of his closed door office, he would scurry into my office to tell me the gruesome details of his latest piece of office tail. Usually the descriptions were ugly and hurtful to the poor girl who fell for his line. Then I would be sworn to secrecy as if I were his closest confidante. After exiting my office, he would go to someone else's and tell them the same story. He was secretizing.

The only thing on my calendar today is therapy which does not pay bills. I am waiting - a skill in of itself - for a few calls to tell me if and when. I had a lunch the other day about another start-up radio project on which i have been working for over a year. There is meaningful progress (the good news) and I can start right away. But until they find financing, there is no salary for anyone (I suppose that would be bad news). OK. I'm game. I've worked on spec before.

Last night was a TV heaven of guilty pleasure. "American Idol" is an updated banana peel and I love it even though most contestants, and the ultimate winners, will be nothing more than vaulted karaoke singers. Then, of course, is "Celebrity Mole," and I am going on record to say I believe Kathy Griffin is the Mole. I thought it was Corbin Bernsen, a man who proved to America he would not be a fun dinner guest, but he was "executed" last night. Howard Stern had Anal Ring Toss so, of course, I couldn't miss that. It was also another chance to ogle Artie Lange. I ended with "Nightline," a thoughtful dissection of the abortion war. I fell asleep to some Tivoed film from the 40s. Those are always my lullaby.

Tomorrow night I am going to hover around the EP of a show I want to produce. He will be performing at a friend's function so I can sit in the green room with him and talk. I will make sure we talk about anything but what I really want to talk about which is getting hired. Maybe I will slip him a fortune cookie with a note inside that says, "Hire me or I will kill this dog."

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