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My first entry

It's Sunday. Sunday is code for BAD DAY cause it is the last time I saw Billy alive on Sunday, January 20th. I am spending this Sunday with Bob, our dog, who is slepping behind me. After that, my friend Scott is coming over, we're ordering pizza and watching the TV self-congrat fest of the Emmys.

I went out to Rose Hills where Billy is buried and brought him a huge bunch of eucalyptus and wrote a few poems. I go out to Rose Hills twice a week.

I'll start putting the poems on here. They are shamelessly sentimental, sometimes sad and very influenced by Bruce Springsteen. In other words, they come from MY heart because I am all three of those things.

I am an avid TV watcher and especially love any reality show. I am currently addicted to BB3 and last night's episode was shocking and, for me, a happy event. As long as Lisa gets the final prize, I'll be fine.

I'm looking forward to this forum. I'm not sure who, if anyone, reads these entries. It would be great to have someone read them and create a dialogue. It would be great to meet someone who actually understands what it means to lose the love of your life in a blink. While I have great friends, most, if not all of them, don't have a real clue what I am going through. That said, I thank God every day for the love and support that my friends do give me.

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