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Good Day, TV Night

I woke up earlier today for a 9am breakfast meeting with three of the four principals of this start-up radio network on which I have been working for 1.5 years. It is finally getting some traction. It will not be a live radio network initially but rather pre-produced, one hour blocks focused on comedy. There is enough of a slush fund to get office and studio space. I will be working on it although the start date and money have yet to be discussed. All in all, I'm jazzed. It is a very attractive option. I hope to find out about the TV producer gig next week so maybe, just maybe, I will have a choice.

Met up with a friend from Irvine who I hadn't seen in a while. It was great seeing him and catching up. We did a few errands then picked up my friend, Ricky, and went to the Firehouse for lunch (huevos, whites only, with a side of cottage cheese). Nice friendly lunch, came back to the house, talked some more and then hugged good-bye.

Worked a little on the radio project, talked a long time with Russell on the phone about his radio show. I am encouraging him to expand his hours and go daily. He really is that good and if he can find a little financing, he could emerge as a viable national radio presence.

Tonight Bob and me are going to catch up on some Tivo. Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. There's a peace rally downtown my friend, Jane, invited me to. Maybe that.

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