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Sometimes I find it easier to respond to other LJer's posts than create my own.

Let's see. Last night was reality TV heaven - The Bachlorette and Celebrity Mole. I was supposed to go to a party at one of the Mole contestants' house but, for complicated reasons, the party didn't happen. Bob and I watched from bed. I got really sad around midnight. Almost inconsolable. Woke up the same way. I'm better now. I have my gay therapy today which I have not been to (not my choice) since before the holidays.

Speaking of gay therapy, I ventured into a sexual situation last night with a guy. Great looking guy - a 20 year old Argentine soccer player. No, I'm not a cradle robber and not even interested in young guys. I always, even when I was 20, liked guys in their 30s and 40s. The "soccer player" legs and butt were the ticket for me here. Plus he was really cute, dark haired, a little pudgy and a very sweet smile.

Without getting too graphic, there was a point when I was touching his hair and it kicked in a sensory memory, and I just lost it. I didn't like cry or anything. I just lost, um, interest. Man! Just in time for some gay therapy.

Two gigs are looking promising. One in TV, one in radio. That is preliminary good news.

I guess that's it for now. Thanks for listening.

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