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The Final Chapter of Bobby Purcell

Thanks to the ingenuity of fellow LJer, explosivo, I was able to track down the webmaster of Bobby's website. I spoke with him at length about Bobby Purcell. It seems his little brother was Bobby's lover for a year and Bobby also lived with the webmaster and his girlfriend for some time.

The conclusive information is Bobby Purcell is his real name. He has been running the "I have a book coming out on Simon & Schuster and I'm going to be on Oprah" for some time with a number of people. His scams are repetitive. He is now homeless and hustling.

From the very first email I received with this incredible offer, my radar was up. It was just that I wanted to believe so badly that I let my emotional guard down. It took me a step back but I refuse to let this grifter affect something so central to my mental health as my faith.


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