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Ebert and Roeper - shills for the Oscars?

Last night, E&R gave their top 10 list. They were predictable and mostly disappointing. Only Ebert put "Far From Heaven" on his top 10 (#4). Roeper put "Gangs of NY" at the #1 spot! Both were effusive regarding "About Schmidt." Has anyone else seen "About Schmidt"? Did you like it? The only thing I took away from the program is I must see "Minority Report" again because maybe I will enjoy it more a second time. I suppose, begrudgingly, I need to see to see "Adaptation" again as well.

Whoever is marketing "Far From Heaven" needs to get their ass in gear. I just smell an "About Schmidt" or "Gangs of NY" sweep at the Oscars. But, then again, when haven't they chosen the wrong film? Not since "Schindler's List" has a deserving film won.

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