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The questions on this one are kind of interesting...

-where you live: Venice, CA
-hair color, length and texture: buzzed
-eye color: blue
-nationality: English, Swiss
-race: Caucasian
-where you work: uncertain at this moment
-where you go to school: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
-siblings’ names and ages: only child
-parents’ names and ages: Wanda (died 1995), Terry Sr. (71)
-who you live with: Bob Slobbers
-which do you live in (an apartment/flat, house, condo, etc)?: house
-how many piercings do you have and where are they?: none active
-how many tattoos do you have, where are they, and what are they of?: several - each with a special purpose of person/time/place
-what is your sexual preference?: Men but...
-what is your opinion of the death penalty?: I believe living the rest of your life in a harsh solitary confinement is worse than death. No parole ever.
-what is your opinion on abortion? I'm a guy. It's not my call. Up to the woman.
-how do you feel about the legalization of drugs?: Pot, yes. Other drugs, no.
-how do you feel about censorship? When is it okay and when isn’t it?: It's never ok
-what is your opinion on pre-marital sex?: n/a
-How do you feel about cloning? Do you think it’s a good or a bad idea?: It doesn't matter how I feel. It will happen eventually. It will happen in a New England town and the children will have eyes that glow.
-What is your opinion on stem-cell research?: It has great promise in helping people who are suffering and the hard line right needs to shut up about it.
-How concerned were you about Y2K back when it was a serious issue to many people?: I'm more concerned about the people who thought it was a serious issue.
-Do you identify more strongly as a pacifist or as an “eye for an eye” person?: Not a fair choice. You can believe both are appropriate given the specific situation.
-Do you feel that Bush is a good president? A good President should be able to form a coherent sentence on his own.
-Do you feel Tony Blair is a good prime minister?: I wish he were our President.
-If you’re American, did you vote in the last presidential election? I vote every election
-Do you think that Martha Stewart should go to prison for her involvement in insider trading?: I don't care enough about Martha Stewart to form an opinion.
-What is your opinion of Howard Stern? How often do you listen to his radio show, if at all?: I listen every day. I watch hm every night. He's the best of talk radio other than Phil Hendire, The King. He creates five hours a day of live radio. That is an extraordinary task. To consistently make it funny is phenomenal. He is the best interviewer anywhere other than Ted Koppel.
-Are you democrat/labour/liberal OR republican/tory/conservative?: Democrat. I still don't understand the Republican stance on less government when they seem fixated on our personal lives.
-Are you a feminist?: No. I think the movement was important way back when but there have been some unfortunate consequences. Much like the gay rights movement.
-How do you feel about Homosexuality? Are you homophobic, gung-ho queer rights or somewhere in between?: I am homosexual but gay-phobic.
-Do you believe homosexuals should be able to get legally married and receive the same benefits as heterosexual married couples receive?: Of course.
-How do you feel about gays in the military? As boy scout leaders? As teachers? As church leaders?: Stupid non-issue created by the hard right.
-Would you say you are more racist or more open-minded about other peoples’ races and cultures?: I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a racist streak in me - especially in traffic.
-Do you look down on forigners? (Are you a Xenophobe)?: Depends on the individual foreigner

Entertainment Preferences:
-what musical styles do you like?: I still listen to music that would piss off my parents.
-your favorite musicians: Springsteen, Stones, Eminem, NIN, Roxy Music, Eno
-your favorite songs: Impossible to list even the top 100 but the song that means the most to me is "Born To Run" for very sentimental reasons.
-If you have a CD book for the car, dorm, home, etc. what CDs are in it at the moment? In my car changer, two trance mix CDs from Billy, "The Rising," "The Eminem Show," two mix CDs I made (mostly hip-hop)
-What radio stations do you listen to? Do you listen to the radio much?: I listen to radio all the time.
-Do you like or dislike talk radio? Do you ever listen to it?:I only listen to talk - Stern, Hendrie, Dr. Laura, April Winchell
-What are your favorite television channels/stations?: All networks, MTV2, MTV, VH1, TCM, E!, TVLand
-Do you watch much tv?: too much
-Do you like to go to museums?: When I have someone to go with
-What is the last film you saw in a theater?: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
-Do you enjoy going to see plays/musicals or any other kind of live theater? Do you see theater productions often?:If I can help it, never.
-Do you like to read? How often do you read? Are you a fast reader?: I read all the time. Usually have two or three books going at any given time. I read pretty fast.
-What sorts of books do you like to read?: All kinds
-Who are your favorite authors?: Hmmm, Armistead Maupin, Stephen King, David Sedaris, James Ellroy, Brett Easton Ellis, many more
-What are your favorite books?: The Tales of the City books, It, Naked, Tennessee Williams' Memoirs, too many others to list
-Who are your favorite comedians?: Dave Attell, Doug Stanhope, The Kids in the Hall, Dice, Chris Rock
-Do you like to play sports? Which are your favorites toplay?: I like to watch
-What are your favorite sports teams, if any?: Cubs, Mets, Bulls
-What are your favorite sports to watch?: Baseball, basketball, the Olympics
-Do you enjoy exercising? How often do you exercise? What sort of exercise do you do?: Used to. Used to BB - I need to get back to it. It was my sanctuary.
-Do you enjoy shopping?: When I'm flush I love it.
-Do you buy things online? Where?: eBay.
-Do you spend much time on the internet?: Too much
-What are your favorite websites?: LJ (now), Yahoogroups, NY Times, NY post, iWon,

Your Relationships
-Do you have a husband or wife? What’s their name? What are they like?: I did. Spiritually I still do.
-Who’s your best friend? What’s their name and what are they like?: Russell (my ex who is the best friend a guy could have), Ricky (I've know him for 11 years and he has never disappointed me as a friend), Tommy (Ricky's husband and a great guy - finally Ricky found a keeper), Mickey (an acerbic, spiteful little girl who is tons of fun), Angel (beautiful, kind), Beth/Greg (proof that marriage works - they are funny and spiritual and optimistic and endlessly creative), Jane/Gary (new friends but definitely keepers)
-Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no
-Are you dating anyone? How’s the relationship going so far?: No and nowhere
-If you’re single, do you enjoy or dislike being single?: I am now "single" although I have yet to figure out what that means.
-If you’re sexually active, what’s your favorite position?: Compulsive masturbation
-Which friends do you hang out with the most?: Ricky and Tommy, Mickey, Jane and Gary, Beth and Greg
-Do you get along with your parents? Which do you get along with better?: I had an incomplete relationship with my mother and a distant one with my father.
-Do you get along with your siblings? Which do you get along with best?: n/a
-If you’re an only child, do you enjoy being an only child or do you wish you had siblings?: I always wanted a brother or sister to help buffer the insanity of my home.

Your Experience
-Have you ever done recreational drugs? Which ones have you done? Would you say you’re addicted?: I've done every recreational drug imaginable at some point. I had two addictions: angel dust (1.5 years) and cocaine (4 years). Billy and I used to do X and K for clubbing. I still smoke pot but late at night in front of the TV.
-Do you drink alcohol? Do you think you have an alcohol problem?: I don't drink alcohol - I don't like the taste or the high, and I hate a hangover.
-Do you have any mental/psychological problems? What are they?: I used to. I worked through them. Now I have a whole new batch that I'm working on.
-Do you take prescription medications? Which ones?: Klonopin and sometimes Valium
-Do you have any physical health problems? What are they?: Nope. I'm all around physically healthy.
-Are you sexually active?: no
-Has anyone close to you died? Who?: Billy but you already knew that
-What was the happiest day of your life?: any day before January 21, 2002
-What was the worst day of your life?: January 21, 2002
-Have you ever attempted suicide or self-injured?: yes, as a teenager
-Have you ever had an eating disorder? (Anorexia, Bulimia, Obesity/over-eating, etc.): no
-Have you ever had plastic surgery? On what? If you haven’t had plastic surgery, would you like to?: no
-Have you ever had any other sort of surgery? For what?: Tonsils out. Basil cell cancer removed from my nose.
-Do you have any children? What are their names and ages?: no
-If you’ve had children, how was/were your pregnancy/ies?: -n/a
-If you haven’t had children, would you like to? If you have children, would you like to have more?: n/a
-If you’re married, how was your wedding?: - n/a
-If you’re not married, would you like to marry one day?: no
-Do you like your current job?: Finding a job is the hardest job of all.
-Has anyone ever proposed to you?: Yes
-Do you have a car? What kind?: Black Ford Explorer
-If you don’t have a car, how do you get around?: n/a

-Do/did you watch American Idol? Who do/did you want to win?: Yes and I wanted Nikki to win
-Do you like your first name? Your middle name?: Not really
-Do you wear jewelry?: Yes. "Wedding" ring from Billy, Billy's "wedding" ring, gold chain of Billy's, Billy's watch
-What’s your poison?: My mind
-What’s your favorite theme park?: Magic Mountain
-Which countries have you been to?: Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Aruba, Venezuela, the Bahamas, Jamaica
-How good looking would you say you are on a scale of one to ten?: Used to be an 8.5 or so but now? Who knows. I feel ten minutes older than dirt.
-Any famous last words?: "This town's full of losers, we're pullin' outta here on two wheels."

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