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When fictions colllide....

Just as I was getting ready to meet Ricky, Tommy and Tommy's sister for dinner and a movie ("Catch Me If You Can,") I got a call saying that the tour was still on and we are all having dinner tonight to finalize the details. Ah, sweet irony.

So we have a nice Chin Chin then go see the film. The movie is really entertaining although needs about 10 minutes left on the floor. Leonardo was fine, Tom Hanks was dependably terrific and Christopher Walken was great. I spent the film synthesizing the recent craziness in which I've been involved. The primary difference between "Frank" in the movie and this "author" I've been involved with, is Frank did his homework when he was scamming. He was smart. So far, this "author" shows neither trait.

Cut to today: I just got a call from my friend, Jim, who informed me the "author" called him to say he has been called into active duty (he's a reservist, you know) and dinner might be a little late tonight.

As much as I know this whole thing has been a fucked up mindfuck, I was walking Bob last night and thinking "What if?" and then hoping it was all true and then saying out loud, "You are not going on tour, Terry."

As soon as this ridiculous situation is over, I will post this guy's picture and ask you all if you have ever met him. Before I know the outcome, I am reluctant to do that.

I just want to meet this guy face-to-face. I have a few questions for him.

prowler323 asked a really interesting question in his post today: is it better to be right or to be happy. I'll choose happy over right. In this case, I wish I were wrong. That would make me happy. Thanks, prowler323, I will ponder that question for a while. Maybe even pose it to my ex who suffers from having to be right at the expense of happiness. But if I did that, wouldn't I just be falling into the trap of wanting to be right about him? Hmmm. Much to think about.

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