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John Donvan's glasses and "About Schmidt"

I have always considered John Donvan one of the best corrrespondents on "Nightline" and "Up Close." He's articulate, compassionate, and he wore glasses. It was his signature of sorts. It made him handsome. Now, I guess through contact lenses or the magic of Lasik, the glasses are gone. He's turned beige and a little Gephardt. His newsman skills are still intact but the glasses are sorely missed.

I just got back from seeing "About Schmidt" with my friend Dean. Have film reviewers lost their collective minds? The notion of this being Jack Nicholson's best performance in twenty years or that his persona disappears in the film are ridiculous claims. The script never rises above a mediocre Lifetime MOW, the writing has contempt for its characters and their surroundings, and it is dull. If you want to enjoy a film about real mid-western folks without mocking them, rent "A Straight Story" by David Lynch. It is far more authentic and moving than "About Schmidt."

So far, my year's top ten are:

Far From Heaven
Y Tu Mama Tambien
Punch Drunk Love
The Hours
The Bourne Identity
Femme Fatale
8 Mile
About A Boy

Haven't seen: The Gangs of New York, Chicago (not much hope for this one because I saw the play - I was forced to - and it was boring), Igby Goes Down, Catch Me If You Can, The Pianist or My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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