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OK I'm game...

1. First grade teacher's name: Hell if I remember.

2. Last word you said: know

3. Last song you sang: "You Are So Beautiful" (long story)

4. Last person you hugged: Sharon

5. Last thing you laughed at: something that happened on The Sopranos last night but I can't remember what it was

6. Last time you said 'I love you': to Beth on the phone today

7. Last time you cried: today at lunch with Sharon

8. What's in your CD player: mix CD Billy made of trance

9. What color socks are you wearing: white

10. What's under your bed: dust bunnies, Bob toupees, some porno tapes and an old blanket

11. What time did you wake up today: 8:45a

12. Current taste: Listerine mint strip

13. Current hair: buzzed

14. Current clothes: old blue corduroy shirt, Levis, blue Vans

15. Current annoyance: Water heater busted

16. Current longing: Something that will never come true

17. Current desktop picture: Billy and me in our NYC apartment at Christmas time

18. Current worry: Job shit

19. Current hate: OJ Simpson...he'll always be the answer to this one...

20. Story behind your LJ username: Guyster was my nickname for Billy and he rules!

21. Current favorite article of clothing: regulation Navy sweatshirt of Billy's

22. Favorite physical feature of the same sex: butt

23. Last CD that you bought: 8 Mile soundtrack

24. Favorite place to be: home

25. Least favorite place: a gay bar

26. Time you wake up in the morning: between 8-9a

27. If you could play an instrument, what would it be: Probably piano

28. Favorite color: blue

29. Do you believe in an afterlife: yes...much longer answer could follow

30. How tall are you: 6' even

31. Current favorite word/saying: real estate (I love the term has been morphed into something other than house buying)

32. Favorite book: Less Than Zero, the Tales of the City series, It by Stephen King

33. Favorite season: winter

34. One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: I'm not going to say Billy cause I don't consider him my past...would have to say a guy named Hal Wiltse who I owe a HUGE apology to.

35. Favorite day: day of the week? Um, Thursday.

36. Where do you want to go: away

37. What is your career going to be like: Fuck if I know at this moment....

38. How many kids do you want: Without Billy, none. He's the one who pushed for adoption.

39. What kind of car will you have: for the next few years? The hybrid Explorer

40. Type a line you remember from any book: 'I believe that all people should have warm clothing, sufficient food, and adequate shelter. I do feel, however, that unless they are willing to behave in an acceptable manner they should bundle up, chow down, and stay home" - Fran Lebowitz "Metropolitan Life"

41. A random lyric: "All those things that seemed so important, baby, they vanished right into the air. Sometimes I act like I don't remember and Mary acts like she don't care." Bruce - "The River"

42. Identify some things surrounding your computer: Diet Coke, hundreds of comedy CDs, pictures, books, it is very crowded here...

43. What's up: Bob looking like it's time for a walk.

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