GuysterRules (guysterrules) wrote,

10 things

1. I picked up Eddie from the vet’s on Sunday. He’s two balls shy of his former self.
2. On last week’s Treasure Hunters, one of the contestants exclaimed, “Oh, my Gosh.” Yeah, they subtitled it with “gosh” as a proper noun.
3. Also, I really hope Travis or Donyelle wins So You Think You Can Dance, but it’ll probably be Benji.
4. The refinance finally closed after three tortured months. I am free from debt to the IRS and credit cards, yet still broke.
5. I like thumbing through home renovation magazines far more than the actual work. That’s why my house looks exactly the same as it did three months ago.
6. I’ve reunited with a lost friend, one who’d I battled over three years ago. She’s a St. John’s grad who now operates a lavender farm. Perfect.
7. I’m casting a new pilot for the mothership channel, and I hope to manipulate a friend of mine into the hosting slot.
8. Amie, Billy’s niece, had a second son born two months too soon. She named him Kadin (?). I suggested William, but she’s harder to manipulate than TV development executives.
9. drood’s I Went To Vasser For This? is fucking brilliantly funny. Read it. Even if you’re a guy, you don’t need a gine for this book to make you laugh out loud.
10. Because of travel and work, I’ve been off of therapy for six weeks. Feels good. Real good.

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