November 21st, 2006

not again

At least they're funnier than Robin Williams

A couple of years ago, my friend Scott asked me to go with him to the Improv. He’d developed some new material for his upcoming one-man show and wanted to test it out on an audience, a routine practice for comics. He was doing pure stand-up--no characters or wigs or flamboyant voices, just jokes.

After his set, Michael Richards took the stage to do his ten minutes, and he began by saying, “How do I follow a fucking faggot like that?”

No one in the audience laughed. From the back of the room, Scott became enraged and wanted to go on stage to confront him. He didn’t. We left.

More hilarity ensued yesterday when I saw Paul Rodriguez denounce Richards’s actions. A few years earlier when Rodriguez and Scott were together on a celebrity episode of The Weakest Link, Rodriguez said he wouldn’t stand next to Scott because he didn’t want “the gay to rub off on him.”

Yes, Paul, you certainly are a better man than Michael, and just as funny.