January 16th, 2006

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Every year, television networks trot out their new product with elaborate stage productions that include clips, principal players from new shows, and sumptuous catering for the Television Critics Association. It was my network group’s turn on Friday, and while we have some compelling programming in the pipeline, it was Ted Koppel, our newest acquisition, that really had the critics put down their smoked salmon long enough to pay attention.

I worship Koppel at the same volume as I do Stern and Springsteen, and I had mentally practiced what I would say when I finally met him. With a firm handshake, I would tell him, “I’m so proud to be working at the same company as you.” A simple line, to be sure, but I wanted to keep it brief and I thought my sincerity would shine through my smile while I spoke to him.

He was glad-handing those in the green room, colleagues hurriedly swallowing any food in their mouths to speak with him, and he turned toward my direction, heading straight at me. My eyes lit, I stuck out my head in preparation, and said, “I so happy to be at company with you.” Sigh. He couldn’t have possibly mistaken me for Korean, just a nerd who couldn’t spit out a simple thought. He was gracious, though, and asked when I did for the company, then quickly went to person behind me.
* * * *
Four years ago, Martin Luther King Day fell on January 21st. It was the day Billy took flight and I’d never see him again. I had a dream, indeed, and it died that day. Today I’m shambling around my new house as it starts to feel like home. I’ll unpack some more boxes, and imagine how much fun we’d have had in this new adventure together. Or more likely, how much we’d argue about what went where.