October 2nd, 2005


Graduation day

It seemed like a really good plan at the time––our new friend would leave his basement window open, and we’d steal all of his music equipment, load it into our buddy’s van, and then our friend would collect the insurance money. It was the week before high school graduation, and the core four of us had recently let a new member into our team, one who’d already graduated the prior year, but lived close by, and he seemed cool enough plus he played guitar, a vintage Strat. That was the secret welcome mat to join our circle.

We were in Bob Ehrhardt’s basement smoking pot, a towel stuffed under the door to keep any smell away from his parents upstairs, and Shane told us that he had thousands of dollars worth of music equipment at his house. He told us that if we lifted it, he could collect the insurance money. The idea of having all of that gear, even though none of us played an instrument, was intoxicating. We had to have it.
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