January 23rd, 2005

ledbetter tat

Thank you for the diversion, thirdreel

I've had a tough time recently writing about anyone or anything other than Billy. Some of you may roll your eyes and think, Yeah? Tell us something new. I need to get some stories out of my system so the next few posts will focus, no doubt, on my favorite subject.

Thankfully, work has been so stressful that I don't have time to dwell during the day. Vance has been an intuitive, graceful listener, and Joe has tolerated my see-saw moods with patience, compassion and love.

I thought I'd take a break and write something assigned. Try it. It's fun.

Write one page containing the following elements:

• A character named Simon MacCall
• Someone saying, "How dare you!"
• Spaghetti
• An event that happens at 6:00 PM
• Something that happens in downtown Wyandotte, Michigan.

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