January 20th, 2005

ledbetter tat

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Bildoe poem tattoo

Dear Billy,

It was three years ago today that I last saw your eyes, heard your voice, took in your scent, made you laugh. It was the last time I watched you spin the spin of a dancer lost in music. It was my last chance to tell you I love you, even though I don’t think I said it that day three years ago.

Eternity is a big word, Billy, one that has taken on dimensions and meaning that I never before imagined. When you poured your heart into the poem of proposal to me, you wrote Clouds float into eternity. We are one of those clouds. I believe in eternity, honey, just like you do.

It was the most painless tattoo I’ve ever gotten. The artist’s name was Bill. A heavily tattooed rocker with TROUBLE emblazoned across his belly came over to look when the work was almost done. He nodded approval, said it was very “punk.”

It wasn’t punk, babe, it was love, a shameless love that will last for eternity just like your words on my arm.

I love you Bill Ledbetter