April 6th, 2004



I haven't written in a while because, as my all-charm, all-the-time Aunt Geraldine would say, "I can't think of a goddamned thing to say."

· Chris, Billy's nephew, and his wife and three kids are coming to town on Thursday. I couldn't be happier although they have three-year old twins given to sudden fits of anarchy. I can’t wait to go out to restaurants with them.

· Work has been overwhelmingly stressful but at least I no longer feel like a total loser every day.

· Bob Slobbers had a check up and he’s in fine health.

· I've watched all three seasons of Average Joe and I can only conclude that people are shallow scum.

· I signed up for a workshop at the Writing Center in Bethesda, starting April 20. Hopefully I'll learn to construct a better sentence than the one above. Maybe not watching Average Joe: 4 would help, too.

· Joe volunteered for pet adoption with me a few weekends ago and we fell in love with our little charge, Rhett. Luckily, he found a home the next day. He’ll make someone very happy over the next several years.

· The dimensions of Jon Peter Lewis are those of Billy’s. So is his dance style when Billy goofy-danced. I love Jon Peter.

· The construction being done on our Venice home is plodding and expensive, and my tenants are whiny trash.

· Our company retreat is taking place, in the woods, at the height of cicada season. There are all kinds of probing personality games. It just keeps getting better.

· I love you, Bill Ledbetter.

I’ve been a better commenter than contributor lately but I hope that will change. I miss writing. I pine for the pride of what I’ve written. My creativity, however, seems to have left the building for a smoke break.