January 3rd, 2004


Hahnemann Park

I was halfway down N Street, walking next to the Tunisian embassy, going toward our little rat-infested park with Bob when I saw him. It was the first time in two years I did a double take thinking someone was Billy, or at least looked a whole lot like Billy. Then the man waved and I waved back. My throat clutched. He was walking a little dog and I navigated Bob around to the opposite side of the park as I’ve learned that introducing Bob to other dogs can be perilous, no matter how small the dog.

Bob had his nose to the ground, roaming in sloppy circles to find the spot. I looked over, and found the man squatting to face his dog and performing sign language. Bob noticed as well and he trotted over to greet the little brown Pug-like canine. I followed Bob as he greeted the other dog in the way dogs do, direct and to the point, and the man looked up and smiled.

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