November 2nd, 2003

ledbetter tat

Sirkian colors in a beautiful weekend

I witnessed something quite extraordinary last night. In an abandoned elementary school house turned art collective that kisses the edge of a trendy neighborhood in Baltimore, I saw an installation of miniatures, every one a frozen moment from the artist’s mind. Painstakingly conceived by Sally Mericle, the miniature tableaux were lushly impressionistic. They were itty-bitty dreams that came to life under their tiny spotlight. Except for one overtly political statement, one that featured appropriately tiny portraits of Bush and Rumsfeld with an itsy banner repeating the word “Lies,” the miniature art portrayed a flash of life, as we’d like it, or fear it

The clever presentation forced me to open a heavy velvet curtain, which revealed a small door, and inside that door was another breathtaking scene that demanded my attention, even as I hunched over to peer inside. My friend, Joe, who created the voluptuous ambient music, a collection of running syncopated loops and distant melody, also designed the installation.

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