July 27th, 2003


Chasing the muse

There are some who are just plain lucky. Their creative paths have been laid out at an early age and their directives are clear-cut in their minds. A little girl who has a gift for gymnastics or a young boy who shows promise as a writer, with the help of supportive parents, can achieve their artistic goals without the impediment of life’s distractions.

But most of us are saddled with speed bumps and unexpected curves during those formative years that can knock us off Inspiration Road and land us in a ditch. The dreams of rock stardom or being in the movies or even a fireman fade into the recesses of going through the paces of life.

Me? I dreamt of being a published writer when I was a teenager, hunched over my manual typewriter and pounding out what surely would become best sellers. But one thing lead to another and I eventually landed at the point of nurturing other’s careers and taking its vicarious pleasure with me. By the time I had an opportunity to say something inspired, I was too shy after years of having my aesthetic instincts trampled.

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