July 26th, 2003

ledbetter tat

"Terry. You think too much."

Last night on Nightline, Michele Martin, the queen of ABC News, was the night’s anchor. She brought us the story of Father Raymond, a priest who decided to come out as gay to his congregation during Sunday mass in a small Indiana community. Taking one look at Father Raymond, I couldn’t imagine him having to tell anyone he was homosexual but I guess in Indiana, they needed to be smacked across the face with it.

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ledbetter tat

Crying uncle

Okay. I give. Last night I watched two episodes of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. Conceptually I still find it dreary but I couldn't turn away. When the messy blond fashion expert randomly said, "Show me where the bad man touched you," I busted up. I liked the Fred Flinstoney guy before they got to him and made his poor wife eat foie gras, but they did a great job on the long-haired carpenter/artist.

During the part where they watch their mark getting ready and utilizing their lessons on hidden cameras, I got a little uncomfortable but only because of their running commentary. The truth is, if I were alone peeping in on him getting ready for the Big Date, I'd have my pants around my ankles.