July 6th, 2003

ledbetter tat

A Night At The Carls

Being sent to visit my Aunt Christine and Uncle Bruce only meant one thing - a day of Bible study. They were reluctant babysitters, those two, but when no one else would take charge of watching me, it fell to them and they would make me pay dearly. Their three children were all in various stages of childhood distress and they were so not fun. The oldest, Brenda, was a tall gawky girl years older than me and had spent her life hunched over either to achieve the height of her classmates or to avoid banging her head on door jambs. Next was Jimmy, the preacher-to-be in the family and the jewel in his parents' eyes. Finally, around my age was Davey, a twitchy sociopath given to bouts of spontaneous rage that also led to uncontrolled urination.

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