May 9th, 2003

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Aunt Geraldine

My cousin Eddie called me a few days ago after nearly twenty years of estrangement. It's not that we had a fight or we didn't like each but rather geography took its toll when I moved to Los Angeles. In the span of a fifteen minute phone call, we managed to blurt out the highlights of our adulthood. He brought me up to date on his children, five total by three different women. He lives alone now and sees his kids on a complex schedule. He may even be gay.

Eddie and his older sister, Janice had an enormous impact on me growing up. I stayed at their home as my mother would often be in the hospital and my father otherwise engaged. Eddie and Janice were the children of my mother's oldest sister, my Aunt Geraldine. I discovered masturbation with Eddie, rock 'n roll from Janice and the lowest depths of bitterness from my aunt.

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