May 7th, 2003

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The Pitch

Laurie and I have been friends for a long time. I first met her when she was a nineteen year old intern from St. John's. She worked for a brief time as my second assistant and we've remained close since. Laurie has the soul of an old hippie, eschewing her monied background for bohemia. She married a drummer and has recently had a baby girl, delivered at home by a mid-wife. She is long on vocabulary and short on common sense but she wraps it in a beautiful package. She is a dead ringer for a young Joan Hackett and as grounded as Holly Golightly.

Over the past twelve years, I have watched her blossom as a music video and commercial producer. She has done everything from filming strung out rock and roll to Carnie Wilson's stomach stapling. Being a line producer, the nuts-and-bolts person on the set, is a scrappy business - dealing with teamsters and keeping the numbers straight. It's an unlikely career for Laurie.

She called me last week about an idea her friend had that would be a perfect reality show. I paused, knowing that Laurie has no clue what would make good reality television but I thought, why not listen to the pitch? I'm putting together a slate and maybe, just maybe this would be a good series idea. We agreed to meet with her friend at the Firehouse, a Venice staple of bodybuilders and local freaks.

As with all meetings with Laurie, she breezed in twenty minutes late with her child strapped to her front looking like she had a very fat broken arm in a sling. With unnecessarily exaggerated eye-rolling, she explained that traffic had been really bad. Odd since she lives three miles away and it was Sunday afternoon. Her friend was close behind. We started the lunch with small talk and a quick order. I asked for a tuna melt with swiss on rye and they both ordered unsweetened iced tea.

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ledbetter tat

Welcome Creamy!

A friend who was once a loyal listener of Comedy World has turned into a good friend. He has now joined LJ. Welcome to the stage, folks, creamycambot. Ta da! I guess you'd put Creamy in the really cute bear catagory but he's straight.