April 30th, 2003

ledbetter tat

Viva Las Bullet-In-The-Head

Apparently the theme of Harrahs is Mardi Gras as evidenced by the dizzying confetti carpet and the gold and white harlequin statues at every turn. The floor plan of the hotel is the classic confuse-and-conquer style of decorating that every casino on the strip shares. Want to find a rest room or an exit? Good luck. How about the elevators to your room? Not a chance. Maybe an employee of the hotel could give you directions? Naw.

All of this visual confusion only added to the chaos surrounding our production. The eight shows we shot in two days were populated with some of the best known names from the stand-up comedy club circuit as well as our "very special contestants." Although there was excitement from the crew about the Animal House reunion and the re-teaming of Fred Willard and Martin Mull, it was the Buttafuocos that created the biggest dust cloud.

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