April 19th, 2003

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Great Friday, Good Weekend

As the workday putted to an early end on Friday, I looked forward to the evening ahead. I had plans to pick up Scott then meet Sean and Vinny at Hamburger Hamlet before we went to see Holes. Right before I left the house, I found the possum hole that was behind the dryer in the kitchen. I pulled out the dryer and crawled behind to get a better look. I realized I was late and left in a hurry.

Dinner was filled with fun conversation about the state of the world and how we would fix it. At one point Vinny, who was sitting on my right, started to pick at my sweatshirt. Then Sean reached over and helped him pick errant dryer lint that I had neglected to brush off. It was done very quietly. No words spoken. It felt nice being gently groomed.

Sean had bought VIP tickets at the El Capitan theater, a Disneyed gaudy reworking of an old movie palace. We settled in with our popcorn and beverage that was part of the ticket and enjoyed the show. For the most part. Luckily Sean and Vinny were paying attention as the plot points flew over both Scott's and my head. Usually I am able to follow a children's film without any help whatsoever. But with Holes, I suggest reading the Cliff Notes before the show.

Afterward we all stood on the sidewalk as Scott railed against the complexity of the movie. I rolled my eyes as I've seen Scott in this mode a thousand times before but Sean and Vinny were engaged with him so I enjoyed watching them experience a Scott tantrum for the first time.

Saturday was spent cleaning the house, fixing the possum hole and writing. As some of you read, Saturday night was just plain strange.

Today I woke up early but not early enough for sunrise services so I drove out to Rose Hills with two huge bunches of flowers, some balloons and Bob in tow. I came back home, wrote some LJ and went to a late lunch with Ricky/Tommy and Tom. Afterward we all went to see The Mighty Wind, a really funny movie that was ironic without anger.

I'm home now. Bob is happy although his arthritis has been giving him pause the last few days. We're going to go downstairs and watch some TV. Tomorrow we are shooting three shows while we have yet to fully book the five we are doing on Wednesday. On the bill for shows one and two is a relatively well-known comic who is creepy and has legendary halitosis. The fun awaits!
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